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Launch Your Website in 48 Hours

With over 100 years combined of Construction Supply experience now focused on websites, the executive team at 48WS understands that time is money, and producing high-quality content is the biggest hurdle for any supply company. With that knowledge, 48WS built a vast database of all the popular hardware tools and materials that could be accessed to populate a website immediately.

Taking the hardest and most time-consuming part of a website and making it one of the easiest to manage is our secret to getting a website up in 48 hours. Sometimes, we can cut it down to 6 hours. Launching a website is one of the hardest things for a construction supply company even working with a web design company, but 48WS is more than a design company. We are experienced, successful construction supply executives who have been there and done that.

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Why 48 Hours?

Why do we make a big deal about 48 hours? If we can do it in 48 hours than you know for sure it is not going to be a 6 month root canal. This process can be painless and not take you or your employees valuable time.

If you use another website design company, the real work has not even begun. The most expensive and time consuming part of a website is requesting, gathering, cutting, pasting and reviewing product data. You will have to load your site with product information and images. You better have a few bodies and lots of time and money dedicated to just product data.

Anyone can get a website up and running in less than an hour, but let's be fair, it will probably look like you got it up in less than an hour and it won't have any products. With a 48WS® website your site will look professional and be pre-loaded with your best selling products faster and less expensive than you can do on your own. How easy is it? From one of our customers:

"There is the cliché: Time Flies . . . But 48WS really knows how to make that happen. The 48 hour website was up and ready for my customers to see in 6 hours! It looks great with a custom look and feel that I requested. What an incredibly simple process."

Chris Zobolas, President, (March 2012)
Contractors Supply Inc., Denver, CO

Quick & Easy Setup

We will hold your hand through each of these steps. The benefit of using 48WS® is that you talk to a real person and don't have to spend valuable time trying to figure out if you are answering the questions correctly or supplying the right information.

  1. Contact Dan Tsujioka at 714-573-4083 or Determine the website plan you want.
  2. Contact our service team to pay by check, check by phone, credit card, or ACH transfer of funds.
  3. Review our manufacturer list and determine which manufacturer products you want on your website.
  4. Select what pages you want on your website.
  5. Send us your logo.
  6. Review your site to make sure we have your correct phone numbers, contact emails, etc.
  7. Get a Domain Name. If you already have one, great, if not we'll help you.
  8. Point your Domain Name to our servers. No clue what this means? No problem, we'll take care of it for you.

48WS takes the sting out of the price of a website designed for the construction industry. You might be saying what's the catch? There is no catch and here are no long term contracts. You get as many or as little of the products you want. Review our license agreement and you will see that we are as easy to work with as we are on your pocket book.

Website for Free

Offset the cost of your product loaded 48WS website by collecting advertising funds from the manufacturers you carry. We'll help you bill and collect funds from manufacturers with our co-op advertising program.

What's better than a free website is a website that drives sales and more than pays for itself. See our customer testimonials.


Leasing & Maintenance

One question we are often asked is "Isn't a 48WS site similar to leasing?" Yes it is, but it is leasing with full maintenance. You couldn't do the work required to keep a website current with your own employees for less. So don't look at it as leasing look at it as a free website with a maintenance contract. Check out the best pricing for a website plus all of your best selling products.

How do we keep the price down? We designed special software to service the construction supply industry. Besides the custom software, our 100 years of combined Industrial supply experience, we've gained expertise in knowing what you need, and how you need it; fast, cost effective and easy to implement.

To take advantage of this great opportunity,
please contact: DAN TSUJIOKA at 949-795-2095 or

Customer Testimonials

Within a couple weeks of having 48WS provide us with our own customized website, a new customer was able to find us on the internet which resulted in a $60,000 safety sale. The website investment paid for itself with just a fraction of this one order. Thanks 48WS!

Randall R.
Reliable Hardware and Supply
Huntington Beach, CA

"There is the cliché: Time Flies . . . But 48WS really knows how to make that happen. The 48 hour website was up and ready for my customers to see in 6 hours! It looks great with a custom look and feel that I requested. What an incredibly simple process."

Chris Zobolas, President
Contractors Supply Inc.
Denver, CO

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