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SureLock Polished Concrete Color



Combine a fast acting, high strength densifier with precisely formulated and concentrated SureLock colorant and you cut dyeing steps while building up color-rich density. our proprietary lithium silicate based formula is enhanced to go where other LS densifiers do not: deeper into the slab. As it penetrates, it locks color deep where it wont get polished off.
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Quick Overview

  • Protects color in concrete from washing out, fading, and staining.

  • Polished concrete needs to be exposed, breathable, and unsealed

  • Carries color deep into the surface layer and bonds to make it part of the concrete.

  • Builds up color richness.

  • Hardens surface to maximize abrasion resistance, minimizing dusting, and take a brilliant polish.

  • Tightens concrete pores to make the surface more moisture and stain resistant, and to protect color from washing in or washing out.

  • Improves any concrete slb - with or without color
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Manufacturer: Ameripolish
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