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Premium Grade Asphalt Lutes


Black Top Tools

Handle is made of space age magnesium (lighter weight than aluminum). Our slightly smaller handle diameter allows hands to relax more while working... and... also allows a heavier wall thickness to resist bending, without increasing the weight of the lute. No angle braces needed.
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    Most Popular lute on the Market - used by Paving contractors and Patching crews throughout the nation
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Heads are made of wear-resistant aluminum alloy. The 1/8” thick tee-beam has blunt pointed teeth with a notch, permitting mix to flow through easily without “gumming up.” Smooth edge is used for final finishing pass leaving asphalt ready for compaction. Full tooth at each end of lute head. aluminum alloy teeth will not bend easily as with magnesium heads. aluminum also holds heat better, making scrape off easier.
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Manufacturer: Black Top Tools
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