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B-20 Repair Mortor 55#



Mortar With Corrosion Inhibitor???????
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Quick Overview
  • Portland cement-based, polymer modified structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor

  • Glass microspheres add body, reduce weight

  • Mixes with water only

  • Easy to apply - non-sag and can be sculpted
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ARDEX B 20™ is a trowel-grade, Portland cement-based, polymer modified, structural repair mortar for vertical and overhead concrete. ARDEX B 20 has a corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel, is easy to apply and readily bonds to concrete. The resulting patch has low shrinkage and resists delamination, producing a surface suitable for commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential applications, including parking garages, overhead walkway and columns - virtually any vertical or overhead concrete surface that needs to be repaired.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Ardex
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