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History of Geofoam & Transportation The first use of Geofoam was a transportation application in 1972 for the Flom Bridge project in Olso, Norway. Polystyrene was used to raise the frost line to reduce freeze-thaw cycling and roadway damage. During the same year the Norwegian Public Roads Authorities adopted EPS as a lightweight fill material in road embankments. The first official International Geofoam Conference was held in 1985 in Norway. Geofoam & Transportation Applications Today The first use of EPS Geofoam in the United States was an embankment fill project for Highway 160 between Durango and Mancos Hill, Colorado in 1989. The largest Geofoam project in the United States to date is the Highway I-15 project which employed ACH Foam Technologies' EPS Geofoam as embankment and utility protection fill from May 1997 to July 2001. The use of 3.53 million cubic feet of EPS Geofoam saved the I-15 project settlement time and approximately $450,000 that would have been spent relocating utility poles.
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    Types of Geofoam Transportation Applications -Roads -Highways -Railways -Runways -Bridge Approaches -Retaining Walls
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