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Engineered EPS Foam OEM Components


ACH Foam Technologies

From garage door insulation to Lost Foam Foundry Patterns and from heating and Cooling system insulation to Furniture Fill and Point-of-Purchase Displays, ACH Foam Technologies' high performance products have unlimited design possibilities and are used in virtually every industry as a superior and cost-effective OEM solution. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help you design and engineer an expanded polystyrene (EPS) OEM product solution with precision accuracy to meet the strictest of deadlines and performance specifications.
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    Engineered EPS Foam OEM Components -Heating & Cooling System Insulation -Refrigeration Wall Insulation -SPA Covers -Floatation Insulation for Watercraft & Docks -Point-of-Purchase Displays -Furniture Fill -Surf Board Cores -Garage & Pedestrian Door Insulation -Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insulation -Lost Foam Foundry Patterns for Metal Casting
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