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Hoist Load Chains


All Materials Handling, Inc.

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    Increased efficiency by additional pinion shaft bearing and close tolerances. Hook blocks are bolted allowing complete hook inspection. Lightweight and durable all steel construction with powder coated finish and plated frame components to resist corrosion. Premium USA-Made Grade 80 zinc plated alloy load chain. Hand chain opening is formed with a radius for smooth operation. Sealed ball bearings on the chain wheel maximize efficiency and serviceability. Self-adjusting double pawl disc type mechanical load brake insures positive load control. Double roller guide insures load chain tracking. Optional Overload Protection is a one directional clutch that will only slip in the lift direction. Meets: ASME/ANSl B3O.16, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9. ATEX rated  II 3 GD c IIB 54º C X for limited use in Hazardous Environments.
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    Manufacturer: All Materials Handling, Inc.
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